Once again i am going to use the order that i did yesterday.

1. This morning i heard from auntie winnie that i will be banned from using the computer for 1 week from effect this monday. I am not upset cause i know the reason why this happened. And i wont be boring as i will be staying back in school for the entire week except for wednesday.

2. Revising social studies and biology today, at least now i am able to cope with my studies.

3. This coming tuesday will be my sis’s birthday! She will be 11 and will be turning into a teenager! I will be preparing a gift for her.

4. Realised that i could no longer be sleeping at 10pm as the time for me to sleep is too short. Got to sleep earlier.

5. Dont know why last night i found some of my not so close friends on facebook and requested to add me. I mean i dont know them really well other than their names and gender. Okay maybe i am trying to be more friendly.

6. A few nights ago i dreamt that i went on a school camp and dont know why . During the last day, one of my school blocks collapsed minutes after we just walked away. It is scary okay. Like some earthquake.

7. Realised that i had been acting foolish for the past few years. Now i learnt how to take things in my stride. And not be the once foolish old me who actually have thoughts of commiting sucide over certain issues which have to be solved through patience.

8. Do i really need to count?

9. Actually to be frank. Sometimes i just wish i could channelled all my thoughts onto this blog through teleport cause there are times when i really want to write but by the time i was able to, i no longer have that motivation.

10. Can i stop here?


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