Short form..

Today i shall put what i had to say according to numbers. cause i always have a nice beginning but not a proper ending..which i dont like.

1. Next friday i will be going for the Julia gabriel debate competiton next friday at night. I think i will be totally exhausted after that.Pressure is on me to research on the motion. THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT PROFESSIONAL STAR PLAYERS SHOULD HAVE SALARY CAPS. We are the opposition. Feel free to give your opnions.

2. Next tuseday will be my physics test. Revised it today and of course will continue. I cant afford to die in this subject.

3. Next week will be my final week in auditions. I have to get in , put in so much effort, at least this will be my reward.

4. Received my student handbook today. New layout..nice . Read this year school schedule..was surprised by many new things. School camp lasts for 3 days, got prom night , No CA Exams, No COL(colours of loyang) . I was so surprised .

5. Wondering whether sec 3 got injections a not?

6. Found out that i could sleep in the bus this year. For the past few years, i could not do it. Is this good?

7. Pray that God will give me more strength . I am getting more and more tired everyday until now.

8. Trying to grasp the meaning of being organized and responsible.

9. As i am doing all this, i thought of my primary school days. Funny right? But sometimes we got to stop and relax. Maybe this is one of my ways to relieve stress.

10. Remembered that my RGB duty is on total defense day. Cannot to miss…must be committed.

11. Wish that everyone enjoy their weekend and i got to go now…TO MY WONDERLAND!


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