Chinese new year!

Happy chinese new year! May the new year be more joyful and peaceful than the year before! As steps are taken to overcome the economic recession, may everyone be encouraged because this is not something that will happen forever. We will recover and gain experience from it.

Just now have a church service dinner at roland restruant. Food was fanastatic. Gotten the new monthly bulletin in which i learn more details about the coming church camp in June. The room prices were all stated there….

Of course at my age i have homework. Got chinese homework, physics worksheet, POA test coming up and more….To me 2 months has passed which is equal to 2 weeks in school. Learning new things everyday. I am feeling the pressure already and this is just the beginning. I guess i got to learn how to manage my time properly otherwise gonna faint… PE, the only subject where i can relax and run around also have test the NAFA test. My first try failed because i didnt really care and no enegry. Second try which was last thursday, i passed. Usual timing of 15 mins 40 seconds. To me , it is good ready especially since my cca dont requires me to run at all. Then I also heard that PE also have written test?! So weird!

My form teacher taught CD lessons and during the first lesson he gave us his life story. He is from victoria school and JC. In victoria school, he took pure history and geography. He loved physics and smart. Whenever he list his acheivements , everyone clapped in a very saracstic way. He is quite boring so not eveyone took notice of him. But no one can blame him also…he is like that. But of course i hoped that he can improve on the way he teach.

Currently my weakest subject is maths…not weak but careless. Failed a test all because of careless mistakes! Have to retest again next week. Even my maths teacher who has taught me since sec 1 asked me whether i lost my spark or what? I got to buck up especially since i have already set the standards for my O-Levels already. Without an aim, there will be no motivation, no commitment, no responsability, and ultimately no purpose. Purpose is very important for everyone and one of it is to please God. God is above everything else.


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