I dont wish my blog posts to be negative all the time. I tried to make it as positive as an encouragement to myself and others. But to be frank, It is not true…

These past two days , the group of girls didnt pester me at all as i tried to avoid them. Although we came into contact but it is only for a brief while. So thank God for them. My fear is still there but not so bad already. Lessons were fine. There is a change in timetable and i dont like the new change. But it has to take place. I dont really have any problems in school. If i dont have problems in school, that means i got problems at home. It is always like that and now i am facing certain problems at home. When is this going to end?

Today after eating my lunch, i was told by auntie winnie to tidy up my cupboard so i did. I did it when she went out to see doctor. came back and she checked .

Started scolding me for all the minor stuffs which left me superly irriated. She always make it as if i have done a serious dangerous stuff. I really wonder what she experience when she was a teenager like me. hOw did she become so serious over everything. I dont want to make a bad impression about her. CAuse she always spoil my day…..somehow


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