ups and downs

Last friday i have an embarassing incident in which a group of girls saw it. I dont wish to  mention what it is, but from that point onwards that particular group kept making fun of me whenever i bump into them. One of these encounters happened today and Made some insulting remarks which left me feeling very sad and angry. This happened during recess.

The following english lesson…i kept thinking of ways to tell them not to do that…but all the ways i thought of all go down to confrontation. 8 girls against 1…hello? I also thought of telling a teacher but what isa the point? I am quite cyncial after 3 years in secondary school. AS i witnessed how people can change so much – in front of the teacher and behind the teacher-contrasting reactions. But by the last lesson i didnt really think too much as it is my favourite lesson. Patient endurence is what i need hope that they will forget.

Today i also have a chinese spelling test and i forgotten how to write 3 words….haix. Last lesson was history and we learnt the story about the middle finger. Let me tell you. In the 8th century, the englishmen wanted to take over the french and so they go to war. The englishmen had a very powerful weapon-the bow and the arrow. The bow is so long that it can be taller than a man! Longer bows, the distance for the arrow expands and so the englishmen manage to keep the french people from coming towards them for 3 days. At the end of the third day, they ran out of arrows and so sent the archers to get it. The french knew this and captured the group of archers. The middle finger is important to the archers as it helps to stablise the bow so the french people cut it off and sent them back to their country. The english people were shocked but they gradually recover. So the next time when a war occured, they showed their middle finger to tell them that they still have it. How did it become vuglar? I dont know…maybe people are too horny…

Okay i guess i shall stop here and get ready for CNY!


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