Today…well i woke up feeling a bit uncomfortable because the night before i had a row with auntie winnie. Seriously angry, this is a small  matter but yet she make it as if i had just committed some grevious sin that cannot be forgiven. My eyes were red when i look at the mirror, i guess it must be due to the tears that i shed over it.But i put the matter behind me and go to school in a positive mood. Always wonder why i am able to be positive despite all these quarrels until even the people close  to me dont know i have problems.

Went to school,did some homework in the canteen and talk to fatin. I told them about the quarrel and they all felt that it is a small matter. Frankly i dont tell all of my problems to my closest friends because i dont wish to make them to worry over me and somehow drag them down along with my problems. Soon assembly and my first lesson was mother tongue. I dont really look forward to it because of the homeworks that i owed. A chinese compo and letter. Still go and it was quite boring(teacher talking non-stop). Next was english and i changed some of the errors in my english composition. Princples of accounts was next and learned about balance sheet. The way i am writing now like a recap of what i just did….boring. Blog is not meant to be recapping what you just did but rather the mixture of feelings through all these activites, right?/

History lesson was fun and interesting. I dont like source-based questions. And i just recently found out that almost all my subjects need essays. Oh no…..hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Guitar audition took place today. The Passing mark is 70 and my first round is 54, second round 56 and finally third rounf 60. 10 more marks to go! I will work for it!


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