How am i going to start? Okay let me start by saying that today there is no physics lesson. It is not that i hate physics but its because of the teacher that is teaching me that bores me to death. My eyes can turn red witnin an hour of his lesson. Besides that he will be my physics teacher for two years!

O-Level results have just been released a few days ago. Even though i didnt attend the whole show in school, i can imagine the tension and excitement buliding up in everyone’s hearts, including teachers . And then after the results were released, the outburst of emotions that couldnt be contained just overwhelm the whole hall. One more year and i will be sitting for O-levels. Just one more year, and now i am trying to grasp all the new things that i learnt. Got to be more serious.

Today during english lesson, were told that we had to make a composition about bullying. We can sit in groups of 4 so i sat with my usual clique consisting of shimin, fatin and qian ying. Given 20 minutes to prepare, i already had some ideas in mind. Then soon we first started choosing names, and you know what? We took 20 mins just to pick out names. Cause halfway through the discussion, they were a bit distracted. I was frustrated and i push them on, trying to make them go faster. But i was snapped by someone saying that i am impatient. 2o mins to prepare ? hello? Thank God it was the second last lesson of the day.

I have not been getting enough sleep lately. Even though i stick to my normal schedule but its just not enough.


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