Previously i actually wanted to post about my debate competition which is my first but due to lack of time so i didnt.

Basically i only knew about this compeition a few days beforehand. I joined in as a reserved which adds more to my already packed schedule. The motion is about biofuels do more harm than good to the environment. First round was against st anthony school. We were the proposition. We lose the first round as we dont have well-prepared information. 1 hour before the second round which i am the opposition first speaker, were busy preparing all the necessary information. Second round was much better than the first but we lose because we didnt point out certain points. Last round was an impromptu debate. Motion is this house believes that economic development cannot come without sacrificing the environment and we are the proposition. Given one hour to prepare without teachers was futile because the word economic is a big word and so we spent that one hour crapping around. But we did come up with a few points as we do not want to disappoint our teachers. But of course we still did disappoint them , our first 2 speakers was messy and i the 3rd speaker tried to save some points with weak information. but still we gain some experience ..and i am happy.

Now i got to focus more on my studies and cca. Studies is okay, i can keep up. And i got to work harder in my cca. Got to memorise..otherwise i cant go syf. Busyness have to be a part of my life


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