I didnt really understand the meaning of being busy until this week. First week of school already! And i am trying to catch up with whatever i learnt this past few days.

This year, my english lesson is more meaningful. for the past 2 years, the teachers only gave us worksheets to do ..that is all. And also go through the exam format. But my new english teacher teach and gave us challenging worksheets. Seriously, i got to improve on my vocabulary.

Maths lesson , taught by Miss phua. She already taught me for the past 3 years. She taught some new maths formulas today and i am still a bit unsure. Will ask her tomorrow. Physics of course was taught by Mr soh. Slow and steady and also ORGANISED. Organised is a big word because we were made to sit according to reg no in parade square, hall and also class. He is just too neat, reason was said that he can remember our names better?! And yeah teach us like we are babies.

Social studies was taught by Miss Siti, funny and direct. Looked forward to her lessons. But to me the most interesting lesson was pure history. I never regretted taking it, partly of interest and because of a very funny teacher called Mr Ezfahme. During the first lesson, he told us that the advantage of being a history student is that we can be sharp and accurate. To illustrate his point, he gave us a joke.

If you were to ask about Sir stamford Raffles in singapore to a history student, the student will immediately say 12 feb, 1819-year of his arrival.

Pose the same question to a literature student, he/she will start saying,” Once upon a time when sir stamford raffles was a young boy……”.

Pose it to the geography student, he/she will ask you for a map and try to find singapore.

Hilarious, and he mentioned that he wont reveal to us his second name until next year. But i know already, his second name is the one mentioned earlier.

Chinese was taken by The same chinese teacher and POA by mr kennedy. This year is gonna be busy and i wont be posting that often anymore


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