Choose to think Positive

Today is the 1st day of school, so looking forward to my new class and also boys wearing long pants!

When i saw some of my friends wearing long pants, they look really mature and somehow more handsome. Saw the new sec 1 with their parents, waiting and confused at the same time. Soon it is time for us to assemble at the parade square. I was looking for my friend and for others as well. Met my 4th sis & 3rd sis, have a brief chat and soon we sat in our new classes. I was eagerly looking out for my new form teacher…and he is mr soh.

I dont really know him that well. There are 23 girls and 17 guys in my class, 40 in total. In my new classroom, my form teacher started arranging our seating arrangements and the place we have to sit in the parade square. The way he teach is like we are some innocent children who have no idea of what we are supposed to do. My class do knows and finds him boring.

Even though there are some people who look down on certain people, at least i know how not to offend them. Even though it is true that they are my classmates and not anything else, i still wouldnt want to offend them. By keeping a distance away from them and i will be fine. My class is okay.

But the real challenge comes in my lit elective…there are many people who are easily offended. In FACT i was insulted by one of them just because i offered them information. She say that if they didnt ask me, i shouldnt offer. So much for kindness.

Thank God this lesson also consists of 3 periods per week


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