30 December

I just received the news that tomorrow i have guitar practise from 9 to 11am, i mean just now. If today i happen to not use computer, i will be receiving a gracious phone call from the school.

Of course i will get scolded by auntie winnie, usually if i have any thing on, i got to mention it a week earlier. But thank God i wasnt badly scolded as i myself only know the news just now.

Okay anyway. Recently i have thinking a lot. Especially after that sermon. In order to live the God-kind of live, have the holy spirit in me, i got to get baptized. To be frank, i have been thinking a lot regarding this topic. I attended class 101 twice but yet i am not baptized because i told myself that if i behave really well then i will get baptized. But it is not possible due to my sinful nature, which i have just realized. And then for the past two years, i kept telling myself that i shouldnt get baptized yet…for two reasons.

Firstly i dont like people looking at me as someone pray for me and then bring me down into the water. Not dont like, it is more of pressure. I cant do anything wrong-this type of pressure.

Secondly i kept telling myself to be perfect then only i will get baptized..but i now know it is impossible.

These two reasons, more of excuses are why i didnt get baptized. But now i really want to get, i just cant  wait. I want to help out in the kingdom of God. I cant wait anymore. And i shall start with little things..then who knows. God will lead me to where i will be


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