Offically 14!

Happy birthday to me! haha i am offically 14 today! finally!

Anyway last night i went to a christmas dinner in a japanese restruant. Pardon my spelling error…still striving to improve my english..haha. Aiming for a A. Went with my sister only for the very first time. My dad finally let me to bring her out..i think most likely forced to because they have other plans. They refers to my dad and stepmum. This christmas dinner was organised by my church leader.

I was happy especially because this is a time where my sister and i can talk more freely. Reached there and there was no one in sight. Because we were 10 mins early. But then i check around and then finally some of them reached. The japanese resturant that we went to was the same one that we went on tuseday, but in another location. My sister and i were surprised ..but then we were okay with it. Food was nice.. actually during the time i was with them from the beginning, i thought they didnt know that my birthday was on the following day. But then towards the end, they suddenly sang a brithday song. I was touched..haha. Enjoyed myself well .

Today i woke up, knowing that i am 14 already. And actually i was woken up by my sister who was singing the birthday song to me..haha. Then later ny dad woke up and wished me too. I told my dad that i want to watch a movie or go to compass point to see the little nyonya actors. Of course he preferred the former one. And so we went out in the afternoon. Watched Ip man, quite touching. Dinner was KFC then we ate the birthday cake. I feel that this birthday is quite pleasant and peaceful except for the fact that my stepmum kept scolding my sister the whole day over small things which left my sister in a foul mood the whole day.

Okay i got to go….and i thank God that my birthday is peaceful


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