To say the truth, this month has been pretty usel…

To say the truth, this month has been pretty useless for me.
I didnt used my holidays wisely…all i did was to read and read books full of detective stories until i am starting to get tired of it,
And now only just 2 more weeks and school will open and i become a upper secondary 3 student!
5 more days to MY BIRTHDAY and i am specially looking forward to it.
Finally that day is coming…i has been waiting for a year. Ya i know that everyone waits a year for it but it seems to me that for those who were born in the middle of the year….they wont feel that know?
Christmas is only 3 days away and of course it is a special day but i dont have that festive feeling.
Asked my dad whether he has any plans and he just dont have.
Yesterday i watched the soccer match between singapore and vietnam. Singapore was doing better defintely compared to the first leg semi final. Singapore dominated the match and there were plenty if chances for singapore to score but then suddenly vietnam did a counter attack and by a stroke of luck they scored. I was clearly shocked at this revelation, no one expects it to turn out this way. And then suddenly just everything goes wrong. My sister was scolded for not sleeping on time and my stepmum starts insulting her on her results which i was clearly angry but didnt make any comments. My dad intervened and it ended on a sour note. Sometimes to say the truth, i feel that the standards my stepmum make is too hard for herself and even much more on us.
Anyway i loved to watch soccer….english premiership. No, i dont support any team…not really.
Okay i got to go…turning 10pm…time for sleep….


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