I didnt sleep well last night. From 10pm till i dont know what time, i had been turning around, trying to get into a comfortable position. But still cannot work. And then i suddenly thought of my maid. She had went back  to her country in july. She had been working since when i was 8-9 years old. So I had been with her for like 6 years?

I miss her. I mean she is like with us for so long and suddenly her contract ends and she got to go off, no time to celebrate my birthday. I still can remember last year she buying my favourite biscuits. I feel so touched and i cry to sleep. pretty emotional yeah?

Recently the weather has been super cold and there will be moderate to heavy rain for the next few days. Having a flu now and i do hope the temperature will not go lower.

12 more days to my birthday and counting….

I want to improve the layout of my blog but dont know how to. Now it seems so dull right? I know this is a pretty short post as i have no agenda . I got something to say to those people who looked down on me, thought of this sentence. It is something like this: I may not have the best body or character in the whole world but at least i know how to live in peace with everyone and be contented with what i have unlike you who only yearn for more and more and get it through by looking down on people and underhand means.

Isnt it true? These type of people will never get contented because new gadgets are always coming up and then once again. Okay better stop it. I am not saying i am better than them ok.

I think i will stop here and get on to find out ways to improve my blog.


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