Let me first tell you that the timing is wrong! Absolutely wrong and i have no idea how to change it.

This morning i woke up feeling very sian…yeah i am a chinese. How to say? Every morning somehow the sunlight always crept in through my window and hit my eyes. And i have to turn away from it to slowly open my eyes. What a ‘great’ start to a day! Asked my sis what time was it and it was 9.05am. Oh no! i thought! Okay right now if you are reading this, you will be like: huh, okay what for most teenagers woke up later than that.

But it is not okay for me especially if my stepmum wakes up earlier than me. Stepmum? Yes i have one. My life is not really free like my peers. I got to study at 9 am till 11.30am, 2.30 to 5pm and 7.30 to 9pm. Study? Not really, i read library books and that is to keep me busy during these boring times. Not that i wanted it but i have to follow it as i had failed 2 miserable subjects for my final examination! Art@ D&t…..the least important subjects…

So i was a bit afraid when i heard the time but thank God my dad and auntie-stepmum were still sleeping. Btw today is a sunday and we always go to church. Yes i am a christian and i am proud of that. So rush forward….went out for breakfast before going to church, first time. Reason would be no time to prepare breakfast.

Ate chicken rice…kinda weird..intially wanted bee hoon but the stall changed/ Went to church, not many people there today. Maybe because they are accompanying pastor nettie as her bro passed away. Sadly. After service went to TM for lunch and buying food. TM was seriously crowded, wait such a long time to get into a carpark and park our car.

After that, went home. And then went out for dinner-century egg porridge! I ate it yesterday also. This time it is even more werid, we brought our own eggs so that we do not need to pay for extra eggs. So weird..but you know..this is how we saved money!

I got this problem. Everytime when i dont use comp, i always wanna blog. But then when the opportunity comes., i dont have it. Just to tell you, i am a quiet person if i am not really close to that person, so people dont really know me well. Sucks at first impressions

In class just because i am like that, often get insults from those people who think they are so cool just because they got whatever they wanted. I  tell you this type of people are the ones who sucks. Just because they dont really know me, they just picked …..

Thank God, getting into a new class next year. But yeah i know got to change certain things about myself. Like being more friendly..especially on that. Step out and be myself


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