Happy Birthday Second Aunt…!!I didnt post for t…

Happy Birthday Second Aunt…!!

I didnt post for the past few days as i am sort of..lazy. Yesterday was my grandmother birthday so we went out to tampines mall. My youngest uncle is finally taller than me. He is only a year older than me, can you believe that? I had been taller than him from 2005 till this year. Of course he is defintely happy about it, his height is 168 while mine is about 165-166. I do hope that i can still grow taller.
Ate lunch in a steamboat…fine i dont know what is that called as i had  forgotten. It involves taking raw food and cooking it yourself..something like that. There are a variety of food and somemore you can eat as much as you want so i ate a lot..and spent quite a long time there..relaxing. Played psp as well.
Recently i started thinking more of the future, about what i am going to be because of something secret. This secret is defintely going to impact me and of course people around me. As much as i want to spell it out, i cant because i am commanded not to. Time will tell so i dont really need to spell it out. I just cant help smiling at the thought of it.
Next year is going to be a challenging year for me. O-Levels is coming soon as i am turning into a secondary 3 student. New classmates and also SYF. Examinations also …..new subjects. Defintely i got to learn the importance of time management..haha
Okay i better go now..need to send a email to my second aunt…bb


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