I am back!  And my dad is back too…..Like …

I am back!  And my dad is back too…..

Like i had earlier mentioned, i went over to  my grandparents house to stay from friday night till sunday morning.
On saturday, i went to jurong bird park with the siglap people along with my grandparents and my sis. We took a free bus ride and a lot of old people came for the outing too. To be frank, i wasnt that comfortable as there were so many old people. Reached there and we were given time to hang around on our own. My grandparents didnt know how to read the map as it was in english so i somehow became the leader, leading them around. We saw many types of birds like eagels, vultures and parrots. We also watched two bird shows and it was interesting. Right after that we went to a place for lunch and i didnt really eat as it was cold. Actually we could have toured the whole place but because my grandfather was too tired so we rested. This whole trip was like more of PE..walking non-stop.
Yesterday i went to church and pastor preached about living without regrets. How to live without regrets? Live with a purpose, principle and for God. I shall stop here


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