Thanks Joana for your gracious reply! Okay right …

Thanks Joana for your gracious reply!

Okay right now i am really unhappy due to two reasons. Firstly I have problems logging in to msn and i want to chat with fatin…this is a minor problem. The real one is the second reason. My stepmum discouraging us with her words. She made us out to be so bad!

People who know who is my stepmum may be wondering why am i using this term to call her instead of other words such as Auntie or what? I know this term may sound a bit offensive but seriously the relationship between me and her is quite strained. I cant stand her for being so picky over small things and her discouraging talk. While on the other hand, she cant stand me being not serious on certain things. I guess if you were to ask her about me, she will have a whole list to blame me.
Now my father  is in US for a business trip since last saturday. So i tried not to cause any trouble in his absence, from last saturday till today. I thought that i was behaving better compared to other times. But she shattered my thoughts by telling both me and my sister that she is very stressed out as she got something to scold us on all the time.
Seriously i dont know what she want?! What does she want me to do?? I had been trying to behave well, dont talk back but then even all this she is still not happy. I think her expectations is too high….
Anyway from tonight till Sunday, i will be staying over at my grandparents place. Happy defintely! Can relax and enjoy. My grandparents place is the place for relaxation…


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