Like i had mentioned on my facebook that i dont w…

Like i had mentioned on my facebook that i dont wish to be cooped up at home all day….it came true!

Yesterday i went to library with my younger sis and of course we read la. Even though this sounded boring, at least i am glad to be out of my house for a while..haha. Went out for dinner also and we invented a new name for POSB.
I wont tell you because i may get sued so……….shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Today i went out to NTUC and sheng soing?! And then you know what? we used ntuc trolley for sheng siong things! I was absoultely stunned when  my stepmum asked me and my sis to bring in the trolley to another supermarket….omg! i cant imagine myself doing that you know? Thank God no one saw it , otherwise we will be in i dont know what type of trouble. Some more i heard from my sis that my stepmum was chased by the police just last night….i dont know what is she thinking? Thank God she was not caught!

Umbrellas are a great invention but its meant for one one person and not two. I realised that as because the person holding the umbrella have to make sure that the other person is on the same line as him and make sure that he/she is fully covered. While the other person feels very restricted as he/she has to follow wherever he/she goes. Therefore umbrellas are only invented for one person uses. No matter how big it is, its still only meant for one person.
I got to go now and shall post more tomorrow. Recently i found out that i myself am trying to find logic in many things..HAHA


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