Good evening, readers…Today is my eldest cousin…

Good evening, readers…
Today is my eldest cousin birthday but i havent even made a call just to wish him a happy birthday…what is this?
But what is the point? I am not really close to him other than the fact that we are cousins. He is 23 years old.
I had been spending this whole day reading books and most likely this will be the only thing i am doing for this whole least
Life is a bore if we got to do the same thing over and over again….
I wanna go out, hang out and relax with a few friends… but i dont know who to go out with….
Later on at 7.30pm, i will be back in my room, reading books again till 9pm.
Yesterday before i sleep, i bring all my worries to God and i feel comfortable after telling it out..
I dont know what will happen from now on, but at least i know that God is with me.
This morning my mum called and she asked me for my grandfather number…as in my father’s dad
And then after receiving it, she called him up to chat. Later on she called me and talked to me in a manner that is so holy…
She even prayed over the phone! I was surprised at the sudden change in her and i cannot get used to it…
I cant imagine her talking like that to me for the rest of my life..
I also cant imagine being on good terms with everyone suddenly even though i want it…
It will take time i know
I can imagine a few years later when i looked back at this post, i will be laughing at how minor this problems are


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