Today i came to school in a ready mode. Ready for…

Today i came to school in a ready mode. Ready for audition although i still feel a bit nervous but i was ready unlike yesterday.
Memorised the whole song, but you know what? In the end i didnt perform..what is this?
When i am ready, they suddenly postpone but when i am not ready, they suddenly come.
At first there was a audition, starting with the first group which defintely consists of the seniors and they were the best.
Then came the next group, which was good but not as good as the previous one ….
Then came the last group which was quite okay.
Madam maiza then suddenly asked who got practised last night as instructed and a few stood up.
Those who didnt including me have to keep all the chairs and music didnt perform lor
The next practise will be on the last week of birthday week1
We are expected to learn everything by then and not to bring the scores….
So yea i am kind of ready…will be going to library later..borrow books to keep me occuiped for the whole of next week…
So boring…i wont be going to school already ….
And then i am also expected to finish my two assessment books which i bought and now i regretted…
But still have to finish….
I am now yearning to be 14….all my friends have turned 14 except me….even though thats good..HAHA
My birthday seems like a million miles away…


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