I went to school today for guitar..actually in a …

I went to school today for guitar..actually in a okay mood..
But then later in the bus, someone came up and somehow shattered my mood….make me feel very vulnerable…
He is my classmate and he constantly insults me. Thank God he is not in my class next year
Madam Maiza finally came back today, she has been marking for the past few days..
So she said what she always said and done what she need to do.
And then suddenly Mr yeo said want to five us a break by making a few people come up and perform….he pointed me ot first…
I was totally shocked, not surprised…i wasnt ready for it and he just pointed me out. He didnt give me time to warm up, he just asked me to come out. I tried to calm down, try not to feel nervous. And then soon we start performing, halfway through, my fingers suddenly turn very cold and i have diffculties in playing my part until i came to a point where my mind turns blank. i was totally stunned but then,thank God, i managed to play the last few lines……..so embarasssed siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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