Yesterday i broke someone’s trust.This someone is…

Yesterday i broke someone’s trust.

This someone is a person whom i always disappoints and its not that i wanted it, who wants it anyway? This person is my stepmother. I failed her in small things. She is quick picky so i will always get scolded for not getting things  done or any other things. These things can be easily solved in a matter of time. But she cant wait so i always have to try to get everything done.
But yesterday there are no reason…seriously its all my fault.
My dad and stepmother had decided to go JB from sunday to tuesday for a short holiday break and they sent us to my grandparents house to stay over.
I went back home with my sister on monday to take some important stuff and once again on tuesday to take my school shoes
But i forgotten to do something, and the results of these irresponsible actions would be very severe. i didnt locked the door gate!
Thank God that my house is a pirvate proprety and not some HDB flat otherwise…… know?
It is a stupid mistake that i made. And my stepmother knew about it as she was the one who found out that the door was not locked.
Scolded me, that is what she did of course but not really that bad as i just kept quiet. But i feel seriously down, i never ever want to make her piss off or what. I hate her scoldings the most so of coz i wont want to spite her.
Today wasnt so bad, in fact she treated me better…but i will never ever forget this incident. I will try to win back her trust and be more responsible. This whole week i will be having cca…gtg now,,bye


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