Hi i am here again! Yesterday outing with fati…

Hi i am here again!

Yesterday outing with fatin was super fun! We met up at tampines mrt station and we went to buy movie tickets. After that we started to walk around, chit chat and i bought a CD. Right after that we were hungry and we dont know what to eat so we spent the next 20 minutes walking around. At first i suggested KFC but cannot find..sorry fatin for following me around non-stop. In the end we settle for pizza hut and we ate a lot. There were some funny moments but its quite embarassing to put it in words. Only fatin know hahas. Went to watch movie right aftere that and yeah its worth watching. Walked around and played arcade. I was super crazy playing in the arcade haha as i long time didnt go..so miss it. It is simply worth going out with her. Actually i could have pop in to long john sliver to visit my 3rd sis but yesterday she off dayy.
Just bought my new sec 3 books. Will be spending the next few days exploring it…haha. so yeah i guess i shall be stopping here..


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