Changed themes again


I changed themes again as i had mentioned in my previous post..yeah never contented. Anyway yesterday i went for the overseas briefing.
Call me kiasu or what..i left the house minutes before 1pm which is the appointed time as i am too eager to meet them. Saw amanda and angel while walking and we chit chatted. Supposed to meet at the computer lab 3 by 2pm and as amanda wanted to play games first, we went in earlier. To our surprise, we saw students from the korea trip using it as well. But we dont mind because it wasnt 2pm yet. After a while, i went out to check and i saw my family! Soon we moved to computer lab 4 and the overseas briefing started.
Mr long were telling us that we have to do a scrapbook adn he explained to us how to do it. I dont understand some areas like making a draft? Anyway once the briefing ended i went to pasar malam with my 3rd sis. The only thing she kept asking me to do is to bang walls! I am not so crazy, you know?
Today i am going out with fatin! I am so looking forward to it! We will be chatting non-stop haha! So i shall end here and be back tomorrow to update more!


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