Hi, dont know why. Recently when i have the urge to blog, i cant use the computer. And then when i use it, i dont have the feeling to blog..
What should i say here? Okay i wrote what happened yesterday////
Yesterday i was at home the whole day cause i have no guitar. So that means i have to study or read books..and it was super boring. I tried to keep myself awake the whole morning. Soon i can rest, used computer and chatted with my 2nd sis on msn and i learnt that i actually could join them in gym. When i heard that, it was too late….regret that is what i can only do.
Afternoon is also another boring one…cant imagine my life is so boring at home. Reading that is what i could do.
Mainly yesterday is a day where i felt so useless. But i thank God that today wont be so bad cause i need to go school in the afternoon for the overseas final briefing..look forward to see my ‘family’ again. I cant wait! Tomorrow i will also be going out with a friend to watch movies and friday i will be collecting my new books..so that is very good. i am looking forward to it. On next monday i will also have another debate session..so yeah.
It seems that everyone is afraid of my stepmum…hahas Did i describle her until to the point where they think she is some mad woman?? Let me reassure them that she is not really that scary unless i provoke her. So they have no cause to be afraid. I think i will be changing my blog themes again? Humans are never content with what they have. Like me, i want to have my handphone back! I thought that i could live without it but the desire still remains…
I also cant wait for next year. New friends, new classmates and new memories. And also new teachers, new subjects. Its like once again we are entering secondary school, but this time as a upper sec person. I will be very busy next year as syf is here. oh man! hahs anyway i want to go already so bye bye


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