I miss my ‘family’ ….its like they are just so …

I miss my ‘family’ ….its like they are just so fun lor..

Anyway i found out my streaming results, i am going to 3e5 next year! I got my first choice and i am in the same class with a few of my classmates like fatin, mel, dalveen, lynette and feeza. But it sounds pretty weird for 3e5..because when i am in sec 4..i will be in 4e5..sounds super weird. I am also in the last express class…but its fine. I dont know what my new class will be next year but yeah i miss 2e4..
Today is my auntie’s wedding. There is the morning ceremony in the church and i was feeling so sleepy and cold as the priest took a long time to talk. We also had to sit and stand at certain times which made me even more tired. In the end i never eat lunch. Later on we will be going to attend the wedding dinner..i am gonna eat a lot as i am hungry.
You know what, i am thinking what my class will be like next year cause when i look at the list of people who are in the same class with me, i saw some hyper ones and quiet ones. I do hope that there are no such things as looking down on others because everyone is in the same class and of the same age. I also hope that people will not judge based on first impressions or gossips. Is my request very hard to fulfill? I cant expect everything to go my way but i just want peace. Got to go now. bb


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