I am back

Hey peeps! im back!! Do you miss me?? ,,haha just joking!

I seriously enjoyed my overseas trip..how i wish i could just be stuck in that moment forever!
I make lots of friends and learnt lots of things..i even have a family!
My family consists of me and my 8 siblings. We even have a mum! I am the youngest.
Mum: Miss Liu Yan
Big sis: Sharlene
2nd sis: Ling ling
3rd sis: Rosalind
Big bro: Ken
4TH sis: Yvonne
2nd bro: Jonathan
3rd bro: Jun rong
4th bro: Andy
5th sis: ME!
I love this family so much! Sat with them every meal, crack jokes! I even turned so hyper like never before until people called me crazy! I dont mind because i seriously loved this family! I enjoyed their company, i feel so boring without them.
I do hope that they plan some outings..and then we can be together again!
Every night we changed hotels as we travelled to different locations, and it seems like the hotels that we stayed in are getting better day by day! HAHA! We ate at restruants for all meals everyday until the last day where we ate macdonalds for lunch. We shopped at the first day as well as the last two days! I bought lots of things….jackets, boots, bags, keychains etc….
I am going to stop here as i want to tour the internet..so bb


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