All right..enough of looking at other people blog…

All right..enough of looking at other people blogs…

I cant believe i am flying tomorrow to china. Flying? haha. Anyway lets talk about today.

Firstly i came to school early as my dad fetched me…yeah and then just after he drove off..i suddenly remembered something! I forgotten to bring the keys which were meant to open my luggage! I was like scolding myself all the way and were trying to think out solutions. But thank God, one of my overseas teacher was there so i approached her to tell her about it and she told me to bring it tomorrow. Waited outside the performance theatre after that, halfway talk to some teachers. Soon guitat begins. Basically we learnt the third page of the song and our sitting positions. Went down to library, saw some people there and the checking begins. As i didnt bring the key, i was just waiting for the teachers to finish their checking of others bags..feel so useless lor. Soon we could go off and i went up to comp lab before grabbing a quick bite before the debate session.

Reached the music room early, saw a few people and they are not from my class. So i felt weird, but thankfully i have a classmate who turns up which is zubair. But i dont talk to him la..cause he is scared of me…its not i who caused it…reason…my friends knows. The session was fun and enriching for me as i learnt a lot of things. then went home..
Tonight will be the last night for me sleeping on my bed..and soon i am gone flying! haha..seems pretty excited..will come back very soon


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