Changed themes again. i want to find a nice and s…

Changed themes again. i want to find a nice and suitable theme for  my blog…

Packed my bags be precise..luggage and i shall be bringing it to school tomorrow for my teachers to check and keep in school. Till now, at this very moment..i still cant believe i am going to china without my family! This is my first time so naturally this will be my reaction right? i hope it is considered normal..HAHA. Today i went for guitar as usual and learnt the second page of the song, followed but submitting my subject combination form..and then go home…
There is one thing about me that i really want to has been bothering me since i was primary one. i did not take much notice about it until when i was Sec 1. Amazing right, for 6 years of my life was spent without thinking much about it. And that thing is not being able to open up myself to people, not being able to approach unfamilar people and make friends. I always felt afraid, and not shy. Just afraid..
This is my barrier..i dont like it and i want to change it. Changing means stepping out of my comfort zone, and defintely i will be uncomfortable..but i know this has to happen..otherwise i will be constantly fighting with it for the rest of my life. And my first step will be my overseas trip..
Got to go..bye


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