Today i came to church in a okay mood, and left c…

Today i came to church in a okay mood, and left church with a energized mood..why?

Today there was this great pastor whose name is francis..if i am right. He came to preach about the dark times and the importance of having a purpose in our own life. He is also a prophet as well…and founded a school of prophets. I was inspired by his sermon, he is a funny person, almost making me laugh till to the point where i almost cried. Haha and i heard that he will be my camp speaker next year, Amen!
I still cant believe that this thursday i am going to china. Its like so fast, time flies very fast. I have almost finished packing all my clothes. I dont feel as afraid as i was intially thanks to today’s sermon and a book i bought secretly. Its a motivational book..

Time seriously flies very fast, dont you think so? If i were to think of my sec 1 orientation…it seems like it only happen yesterday. A lot of past memories that had happened still sounds new to me. And come on! i am approaching sec 3..upper secondary! End of year holidays has already arrived. today is the start of a new week…and before you know will be saying goodbye to 2008.
Oh well to end off…i would like to say that i am planning new goals for myself which are good of course and i will be working towards that.


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