Yesterday i have my first guitar practise…For&n…

Yesterday i have my first guitar practise…

For me, i feel seriously awkard because i had not touched my guitar for a long time and i became unfamilar with it…
Reached school at 8.40am and bought a drink followed by waiting outside the performance theatre…
Actually i forgotten where to wait and i was checking at the dance studio before i found out the real location..seriously blur..
Saw fatin from 2e1 later on and we went to help madam maiza to carry some boxes of clothes from COL..
Madam Maiza opened the performance theatre and we went it..

Got in, started to take out our guitars and start tuning..did all the usual prepartions like preparing rows of chairs when Mr yeo came in..
Long time never see him i felt a bit weird…
Most of the sec 1 juniors came…Sec 2  only a few people as the 2e5 people didnt come..sec 3 was also quite a few..
After preparing, madam maiza start the session by mentioning certain issues and problems..the same old problems..and she decided not to give us anymore breaks…i was fine with that. Then we were given the syf notice and the first page of the modifed la camparsita..
Madam maiza start to explain the syf things followed by mr yeo assigning us our new groups.. I am in alto 1 and its easy..defintely..
We learnt the first page of it….that what we mostly did..
Ended around 12.30pm as mr yeo was explaining about syf…so yeah that all


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