Hi,Next thursday i am going to china already….s…


Next thursday i am going to china already….so i am a bit nervous
Till now i still havent prepare a lot of things like packing my bag and buying gifts..! But dont worry i will still complete it somehow..
Next week i will be very busy..let me tell you
Next tuseday i have guitar from 10am to 1pm, followed by submitting my option form with my friend..
On wednesday…guitar as usual till 1pm, then 2 to 4 pm i have debate training…
And also on that day..i have to bring my luggage to school…defintely will be very tiring..

About the subject option form..i have decided to take POA, pure history and elective literature. I saw some people taking the same option as me and some of them are not my friends at all. My hope for next year is to land up in a class which no one look down on each other. A class with team spirit..yeah. I dont know if that will come true a not. But even if that does not happen…i will not be too disappointed..
I also have set certain goals for myself..which i will be working towards…ok…

Sometimes certain things have to be done by yourself and not by others…


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