Do you want to know why my blog is kind of dead? …

Do you want to know why my blog is kind of dead?

Cause i had actually wanted to make my entries private….but its too yeah i am back! Tomorrow will be the last day of school and defintely i would want to spend my day with my classmates but due to some unforseen circumstances, i have to spent it for overseas briefing. Of course i am not really happy about it..but i have to accept it as i am going to China next thursday.

I got my report book back, results were okay but i know i can do are my results

English: 66 B3
Chinese: 67 B3
Maths: 56 C5
Science: 78 A1
Geography: 78 A1
History: 73 A2
Literature: 67 B3
D&T: 49 D7
Home economics: 52 C6
Art: 45 D7

Conduct: Very Good
Total: 631/1000
Percentage: 63.1
Class position: 16/36
Level position: 86
L1R4: 10
L1R5: 13

Comments. Zoe is trustworthy and values sincerity. She is supportive and encouraging to her peers. She remains composed and courteous under pressure. Zoe is highly motivated, with an unflagging determination to excel in her academic pursuits. She set ambitous goals and strives to acheive personal targets. A top student in the cohort, she takes proactive action to achieve outstanding results. She is reliable and carries out duties promptly and carefully. She engages in self-montioring and self-improvement. Her efforts paid off in remarkable results. Well done, Zoe.

OH well//here it is and i cant really believe some of the words in it…
And i am going to be a debater…

Okay..gtg…blog soon..bye


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