I didnt know that i repeated what i had mentioned in my thursday and saturday entries..
Didnt know what to write..cause i am so tired trying to make all my entries private..till the point where i thought of quitting.
But i will not quit..i cant let my previous entries go to waste just like that..
Anyway today is a Sunday- first day of the week..
I wake up from my sister’s repeated tune of her calling me to wake up..if i am very grumpy..i could have scolded her
But of course i didnt..i did all my usual things which every human being can do..
Ate curry puff for breakfast then get ready to go to church..
Reached church..worship and pastor preached a sermon about challenges that christians faced..
All we have to do is to make god our first place…
Tomorrow i am not having exam except for this coming thursday and friday..
So got 3 days to prepare for 3 papers..
anyway i got to leave now although i wish i could blog


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