Hi..I have change my viewing settings to private …


I have change my viewing settings to private as this is a blog. and that means i can write my own feelings down. But certain people dont like my entries so i just change it

Today is the start of my first exam paper..and defintely english was first. Paper 1 was first and i wrote a composition about what success means to me and also a report writing..it seems like i spent most of my enegry doing it because by the time i started to do paper 2..i   am very tired but i still completed it and was the first to finish. Generally both exam  papers are fine for me..i am confident that i can pass.. Actually when i finish my paper 2..i fell asleep holding my pen and teacher thought that i didnt finish it..and wake me up. Arrgh! this is the first time that i can actually fell asleep because i am not used to sleeping on the table.

Tomorrow will be my second paper which is chinese paper 1. And thank God for that..
Today i am supposed to submit a survey form..which is about the choosing of subjects but i forget to bring..then my vice principal say that those people who never submit will get a terrible punishment but later he change it by extending the deadline..heng ah.

I shall stop here then..a mosquito is disturbing me


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