Hi…….just now i was kinda emotional just now….


just now i was kinda emotional just now………………..cause i am tired of everything whether its at home or school
These two places are part of my everyday life and they are the ones who gave me pressure//
In school, i faced peer pressure just because i dont hang out with them..they insulted me
And i cant really defend myself as i dont have the gift of the gab
Some of my classmates can argue until what is wrong intially became right..but i am not like them..
All i could do is to defend myself a bit then shut up..
At home, this is the place where i really want to take a break..but no its the opposite
I had to follow the study time set up by my dad…if not punishment…..
Dear friends, i am not a person who can study non stop but i am forced to……u think i like it? No way
And because of that my classmates hardly knows me and just called me some awful names…
I hated Studying for long hours…….peer pressure and pressure from my dad..its too much for me to handle..
All i want is to plan out my own timetable…..
In my class, not everyone knows me that well. So their first impressions of me usually become a lasting impression.
But what can i do? Like today some people who got nothing to do start spreading some rumours about me…….im irriated…..
Come on, people whom you dont like are still human beings and they does have feelings..
I believe that you will not like it if those people who hate you just start gossiping about you..
Dont be a cold blooded person..cause these type of people are destroying themselves


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  1. Anonymous
    Sep 18, 2008 @ 08:32:55



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