Hi..Recently i had been too busy to post….or la…


Recently i had been too busy to post….or lazy..
But i still have to because i hate to see it dead…..

Nex t week SA2 starts…..so fast….i am not fully prepared for it…….
This final year examination will determine whether i will get into the subject combination of my choice…
Yesterday the hods gave a briefing about it and i am still thinking..
But i will defintely not choose art and d&t….these two are my weakest subjects.. and also the subjects that i am least interested in
time really files past very fast……faster than anything….
there is not even a time where i can relax..
Cause one problem arises out of the other………problems are never ending…
I dont create it but people created it…….
Things that happen last year seems like it just happened yesterday………….
So that is why we must be more alert….and plan ahead
I am still thinking whether i should go JC or poly….
A lot of my friends want to go poly…..cause less stress….
i think my decision to make will be based upon my results….if i am meant to go jc,so be it
2 weeks ago, i met my primary school friends….its amazing to see how different they look..
That time is like a reunion of past memories like you saw this person..whatever this person done to you will once come back..
Old feelings and old memories…
Its also quite awkard in a sense because 2 years has passed….
Imagine you going back to primary school at sec 4……..even weirder….
haha i dont think by that time i will go back..mayb next year is my last visit..


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