OK hi……….it has been a super long time ever…

OK hi……….it has been a super long time ever since i post due to me being lazy……

I shall post my results here….

English: 60/100( it has deproved) this is only the CA paper
Maths: 55/100( improved by 27 marks!) on ca paper
Science;92/100( i am so happy! thank God)
Chinese: 83/100( improved)!

I have improved on my maths, chinese and science! even though for maths its kinda low..
Yesterday i went for CCA..and my instuctor show us how the other schools work..
I was surprised..seriously..and i admire them..
Their passion is really there..
And what about here?
I dont wish to say this but its true..
there is no passion in my cca..i have the passion..
But everytime when i stepped in…the feeling of demotivation overwhelm me..its not that i wanted..
But the feeling is there!
I also hate breaks during cca because nobody comes back on time!
For me its totally useless…………………i WANT TO LEARN SOMETHING!
But why why must there be breaks?
Come on buck up! we cant be like that ! we must change!
I rather have no breaks! Mr yeo is here for a purpose and he have to teach us..
Cant you imagine you are mr yeo and your students always take breaks?
How will you feel? For me, i rather go to another school..
I dont like people who have no passion in what they are doing


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