Recently i have been having friendship prob…

 Recently i have been having friendship problems with shimin and fatin..
The problem has actually started since the june holidays///
Cause shimin actually betray  me before the holidays..
And so i told the school counsellior…she listen to my problems and everything..
I feel really comfortable telling her…
So she asked shimin to come in and we start telling all our problems..
Which in fact, we reconciled after that..

But i know this friendship will never be the same as it used to be..
During the june holidays….i never talk or sms her..and she also..
So when the first day of the second half of the year started..i left her with fatin..
I went my own independant was indeed lonely..
Tongues will defintely wag if they see me not hanging out with them..
But then suddenly they started badmouthing me..for no reason…
I was shocked..
I sent them many sms asking them for forgiveness..
But they didin reply and i will feel very stressed…
I heard more rumours about them gossiping about me and decided to take action…

I once again approach the school concillor and  tell her about it..
Yesterday she called them it and it  was resolved


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