Haha! i am blogging to me,myself and i..heheToday…

Haha! i am blogging to me,myself and i..hehe

Today i went to school with a positive outlook….because yesterday i performed and i wonder what people will think of me..
But there is no comments given…haha heng ah
During assembly, we sat according to the places which we will sit for commendation day..which is on a friday..
Saw shimin talking to her npcc friends..without fatin..
So this sign tells me that they must have had an quarrel because when fatin came..they didnt talk to each other..
Worser still for me, i am sitting beside the both of them..fatin was  in front and shimin beside me..
So i can just feel the pressure from them..
Our first lesson was CD and miss ruth never come..
That means we are free for two hours..as the next lesson was science..
I was listening to my music throughout these two hours..
As i was sitting near fatin and shimin..i just suddenly thought of trying to reconcile with them
I sent them smses but they rejected//shimin even said that she wont let this matter rest so easily..
She claim to be the victim but hey! i am also one!
She hurt me and i hurt her…i didnt take revenge and now she want to take!
Who do she think she is! God have the right to do that but not her!
I was pissed off from that time until geography..
So angry until i just started badmouthing them..its my fault..i know..
Revenge doesnt help at all..instead it only made matters worse..
I told madam yasmin about it and she say that maybe tomorrow she will call us..
Actually i am the one who planned the meeting with the school counsellor….i want a peaceful ending 


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