Hi!I just read a book concerning about how i can …

I just read a book concerning about how i can live my life well and fully in Chirst through my inner being..
It is truly nice and it gave me motivation..and it also correct some of the views that i had previously..
One of my views was that God can help me to fight the devil..that means he do all the work..
And i just got to pray..i was wrong..
In fact God want us to learn how to resist the devil..by not helping us..
He can only help us if we learn how to help ourselves..he help us by providing ways…
This seriously made me reflect for a while..and indeed its true..
I have been insulted at, mocked at by others..and i really thank God for his support…
Without him, i wouldnt have managed to keep a postitive outlook..throughout this tough times..
My character was made stronger through these trials..and that is a good thing too!
I also have learn how to forgive and forget…
These two words are easy to say but hard to practise because somehow that whole thing just make you negative..
But for me now, its not an issue..i will forgive and forget once its over..
Life is unfair..i got to accept that..
But i am fully assured that i got a friend who is always by my side forever..without fail..
And his name is JESUS!


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