You know what! I learn something new today!…

 You know what! I learn something new today!

And its just so simple…ironing……..
Haha you cant really blame me because i have been taken care of very well..

Ok yesterday was Sunday and of course i went to church..
After church we went to a shopping mall to buy a rice cooker..
Halfway through the PA system announced that 2 children were missing..
And just at that point of time, two wailing children appeared..a boy and a girl holding hands….
They were very young and they were very afraid..
You can just feel the feeling of being lost through them..
I felt it and its really very scary…it can drive you to death..
Actually i wanted to help..but then they disappeared again into the crowds..
I hope that some kind hearted soul would help them..and i believe..that will happen
Tomorrow is COL(assembly)..and i am not feeling nervous anymore..
Rather i am feeling excited..i do hope that it would be the best and friday would even be better..
So that means i got a lot of things to carry..
As tomorrow..during group will have to act..
And i got to wear a dark t-shirt and blue jeans..
I also have to bring my guitar costume for COL..
2 sets of clothes! So many!
Right now i will have to relax…..relax


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