COL was badly done yesterday….seriously…..

 COL was badly done yesterday….seriously..
And some more this is like our last practise..
Next tuseday will be our performance and friday..if i am right..
I reached home at 8pm last night..from school..
We had only 1 round of practise yesterday..
So i should reach home earlier..but 5 or 6 handphones were lost from dance..
So spot check was taken and no phones were found..
It was clearly obvious that someone from outside hate some dance people…
During the guitar performance..i admit that i am a bit blur..right from the start..
So i was part of the reason why it was bad yesterday…

Ok lets dont talk about it……
The Beijing Olympics Games is coming up in the next few weeks..
And this is one of the rare times that singapore get to participate in..
Defintely the hot favourites will be from other countries..especially in china…
But singapore has its own favourites in table tennis as singapore is ranked 2nd in the world..
The pressure on our national table tennis players will defintely be singapore is confident to win medals in this area…
Swimming may also be one of our we had strong swimmers..
So i wish them all the best…and to bring glory to our country


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