i am now trying to figure out why the test …

 i am now trying to figure out why the test came out like that??
Maybe i am unsure of myself..hardly talks to friends..and not many people know me really very well….
Sometimes i feel useless..why people wont partner with me?
Do i have some disease or whatever that makes them like that?
They just dont know me a lot..that is all..
And when i sit next to them..they will start whining..asking me to change place..
I am a HUMAN BEING! i do have my own thoughts! they are not related to me..
I hate to complain..but if i dont..the situation is getting more worse..
A friend who is my enemy now..i dont wish to be her enemy..but she insists by gossiping about me..
All i want is for her to leave me alone and we each do our own things..is that alright?
No its not for her..i sent so many smses to ask her to stop but she didnt care…..waste my money!
I wonder why everytime i feel like pouring out my feelings..it comes at the wrong time
I am tired..seriously……………………………..
So what if i am quiet….i dont have many friends……….does that give others the chance to mock me?
I wish they would understand me better..


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