2 more weeks to COL!But not really feeling …

 2 more weeks to COL!

But not really feeling a lot of pressure because i am almost 100% ready for it..
It seems like every day i am staying back lor..
Monday for public speaking, tuseday for guitar, thursday for mass dance and gutiar and friday for COL reherasal..
Very busy..

Today is especially tiring for me..after staying back..
I still have to buy black shoes for COL..tomorrow full dress rehersal..
and then i need to finish my maths and geography homework..
but its still good..at least i wont feel bored..
Now i realised that i behave better if i am alone….haha!

Do you think that time really flies very fast..its like national day is just a mere 2 weeks away..
But to me is good….being busy is good


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