Today i feel that my cca is a totally waste…

 Today i feel that my cca is a totally waste of time!

At first mr yeo wanted us to practise the song for the Col(colours of loyang) which is coming very soon..
But then the seniors haven had their lunch yet, so while they were having their lunch..
We were preparing the chairs..after that we waited..
15 mins later, they are still not back so we started first by learning a new skills..
Soon they were back and we start practising..our song..
Halfway we made some  mistakes and we recieved a long lecture from mr yeo..which is indeed a waste of time..
Practise again and yet recieve another lecture again..soon the lesson ends..
What i dont really like is that when you plan should do it no matter what..
And today the plan was suddenly missing as he started lecturing..
Sometimes its best if there is no lecture..
If there is lecturing..people may not be motivated at all..

I also learn something today which is when i am angry..
I used that as a source of motivation for my studies..its better..


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