Everyone should have respect for each other…

 Everyone should have respect for each other..
No matter how much you dislike that person or whatever problems you have with him/her…
Everyone should have basic respect for each other…
But in this world..the rules are changing..
To people of my generation…breaking rules are cool..being rude to teacher is cool..
Because they felt that its fun..
Having branded things are cool…being lazy and slacking is cool..
This world is turning upside down…
If i am hardworking, quiet, dont have so much branded things, got good results is considered not cool..
And because of it..i am being looked down by others, got insulted..
BUT no matter how my character is like, there should be some basic respect..

All i need from my class is by showing basic respect, myob(mind your own business) and no insult..
These three things are easy to do.. i am not asking you to accept me or what..
You all know that there are someone out there who hates me..
Someone who once was my best friend……now she is almost the opposite of it..
I dont hate her at all..but now she is trying to find fault with me…
There are also a few people who also hates me and insult me all the time..
If you hate me, all i ask is that you leave me alone and dont give unwanted comments..
You dont disturb me and i will also do the same..
It all comes down to respect……..
My character is like that..i can change only if its for everyone’s good..
I wont change in order to be popular….for what is the point?
I am only lying to my true character….peace is what everyone wants..
If you want to know which area of my life i am most happy in is my cca..
Everybody have respect for each other..

I just dont like to see people who hate me..i just feel anger boiling up inside..
Wanting to scold them but again what is the point?
I am only recieving more insults..
I am tired..seriously…whenever i see them..i just walk another way..


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