Yesterday i also went out with a friend..Wa…

 Yesterday i also went out with a friend..
Was fun and well we watch a movie followed by going to library right after that..haha
Ok now i shall continue my memories of my primary school days..
To  me primary 3 is the best year that i ever had..let me tell you..

In primary 3, i entered the worse and naughty class i ever had..even my form teacher couldnt control it..
That is the class where i grew to be more confident..
At the beginning, i was still the same and i was unhappy when i realised that i will not be in the same class with my two friends..
So i was a bit afraid when i entered this class..
The first friend that i made with was called michelle..
She fooled me cause i am easily fooled..she told me she was a chirstian..
She said that if i did this thing or that, i will go straight to hell..she also believe in ghosts..
During that time i believed foolish i am 
Until one day when she slapped my face over a eraser…which she snatched from me….i tried to get it back..
Then the slapping came…i was shocked and i hit her head with my hand..
Everyone saw me hitting her and not the slapping that she did//
And they assume that i am at fault while she cried..
Next day she called me and told me that she has landed in a hospital..
Wow! i told myself. My hand could land her in a powerful ..i know that is  a fake..
I never got along with her after that and i made friends with three others whom i still contact with today..
This three were the ones who accompany me throughout pri 3 and 4..
Now let me tell you how naughty was my class..
For the first half of the year..everyday we play games..which are not allowed but my teacher couldnt control..
Have an hour of We came out earlier by half an hour..
We got our own groups and no one cares what the teacher taught..
Until one day when a new malay teacher stepped in..a female..
She changed my whole class..our places..everything..
At first we hated her…but gradually we like her..this is the teacher whom i shout into her ears..
It is not done on purpose..i was planning to shout at another classmate who was teasing me..
I was staring at the whiteboard at that time..until i could no longer control my temper..
Turn around and teacher was right in front of me..
I was really embarassed..ran out and cried..
I cant remember what happened after that..
This class was quite a united class..but not as united as my pri 1 and 2 class..It is through this class that i became more confident..
Even though it was a naughty one..but nevertheless..they help me..
And i thank God for them



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