You know what? Last night i kept thinking o…

 You know what? Last night i kept thinking of my primary school..the past and wonderful memories..
In my primary school, i hardly heard the word betray..
Now let me tell you all my wonderful memories..and maybe embarassing ones as well

When i first entered primary school, i was a shy girl and a crybaby.
Shy girl of course la but why crybaby?
Let me tell you why..
I studied in the afternoon my last lesson was always mother tongue..
Sometimes i didnt finish my work and my teacher scare me by telling me that she wont let me go home if i dont finish..
So i cried..until to the point where my teacher just ask me to pack up and do finish the work at home.
I also cried before going to school..cause to me, school is a dangerous place.
I hardly have any friends..
For the first few weeks, i cried before and after going to school..all because i am afraid of being abandoned..
My whole class was treating me like i am a little sister..which i was..i was the youngest.
Soon after that few weeks, i made friends with two is jacqueline and another is called min hui.
This two were my only close friends when i was primary one and two.
I also got a enemy in class..she is called pearl wong..
She loved to bully me..stealing my things..and then when being found out..claimed that she didnt..
I also hit back…but too back everytime i hit back i got caught..
Punished to stand in front or the middle of the classroom.
But i really am not afraid of the punishment..haha
Finally, one day she left for another school…i was more enemies
When i was primary 2..i am still somehow a crybaby..
There was one incident which i fondly was so silly and funny..
In class i sat beside a fat boy called Tom Michael and he always bully me..
So one time he took my erasers and throw into the dustbin outside for no reason..and i cried..
Once i classmates are gathering around and asking why and i told them the whole story..
And you know what happen next?
One of my classmates named Jinson yap went to that dustbin..Put his head right in and was finding my erasers..
I think it should be his whole body because i saw his legs swinging in the air..
He got back the erasers for me and well i was really admiring him..haha
After that incident, when we went for recess, another two of my classmates ask me whether the erasers was really important a not
To me it was not that important but i lied and say it is explaining that my parents will punish me..
Looks like i must have cried until people thought it was so dear to me..
And then there was another time when i cried again..i cant remember the reason..
But i recall everyone standing around me and asking me what happened..and also anyhow blaming people ..
During that time, there was no teacher and do you want to know what my class did?
The whole class bring me to my form teacher who was actually teaching at another class.
The girls were comforting me while the boys were running ahead of me, finding my teacher..
When we finally found her..she chased us back to our class and started screaming..
I cant remember what really happened right after that but i know that this is the first time that my whole class cared about me
Tomorrow then i shall continue..


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